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What we do

KORDA Nederland BV is a construction and project management agency specialized in renovating and furnishing commercial spaces.

Over the past 10 years, we have focused on projects in the retail, sports, hospitality and jewellery industries.
Our market includes all European countries, with a particular focus on the Benelux, Germany, and Eastern European countries.


KORDA Nederland is organized in such a way that one project manager is responsible for each project/customer. The project manager carries out all communication and activities needed to complete a project within the scheduled time.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the project manager will be assisted by a construction/project leader who also supervises and monitors all activities on site.

This direct way of working and organizing enables us to simultaneously carry out various projects at multiple locations throughout Europe.

Extensive network

In addition to our own teams, we have an extensive network of companies and organizations in our ‘Target Countries’, who, through our partnership, already have years of experience working with international companies .

KORDA Nederland has a very low cost structure. This enables us to offer highly competitive prices, especially when compared to larger organizations.

We are focused on a limited number of customers in the abovementioned industries. These customers can reach us 24/7.
For the following reasons, our services score very high when it comes to customer satisfaction and professional approach.

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